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Cadet Uniforms

Cadet Uniforms

How to Obtain Uniforms

Your squadron may be able to provide some uniform articles for free. If not, consider our uniform partner, Vanguard, or if you live near an Air Force installation, ask local leaders about the military clothing sales store. 

The suggested best practice is for each cadet to obtain a utility (camouflage) uniform as soon as possible. Two versions are available, “ABUs” and “BDUs.” The approximate cost is $150.

Upon completing Achievement 1, CAP provides cadets with a Curry Blues Voucher for the dress “blues” uniform. Again, some articles may be available for free locally. The approximate cost is $150, less a $100 voucher.

When a cadet outgrows a uniform or leaves CAP, we ask families to turn those items in to the squadron so other cadets might use them.


Ten Tips for Looking Sharp in Uniform

  1. Keep your insignia in a special place at home.

  2. Prepare your uniform the night before you wear it.

  3. Trim loose strings from buttons, pockets, and belt loops.

  4. Use spray starch when ironing.

  5. Obtain “enforcers” or put cardboard behind your ribbons.

  6. Check your appearance in a full-length mirror.

  7. Keep a small cloth with you to dust your shoes and brass.

  8. Check your gig-line upon exiting a car or restroom.

  9. Avoid leaning against anything while in uniform.

  10. Ask your wingman to double-check your uniform, and return the favor.


Types of Uniforms

1. Utility Uniform (ABU)

Name SKU (Vanguard) Price
ABU Uniform Youth Shirt
 $             33.75
ABU Uniform Youth Pants
 $             33.75
ABU Cap-Flat Top
 $             11.15
Tan T-Shirt
 $               5.00
Embroidered CIVIL AIR PATROL Tape
 $               1.75
Embroidered NAME TAPE
 $               4.85
Black Boot Socks (Medium)
Black Boot Socks (Large)
Boots (Men)
Boots (Women)
 $           108.25
Khaki Rigger Belt (39")
Khaki Rigger Belt (44"-55")
Colorado Wing Patch
At Sqdrn or
 $               2.60




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